Kaitlyn Chipps is an emerging ceramic artist who studied fine arts at Seminole State College of Florida. Through elements of fantasy and grace, she aims to elevate the functional objects she makes and therefore her userโ€™s experience of her work. She delves deep into the world of fantasy, drawing from both elvish culture and the organic world. Kaitlyn currently works as a studio assistant and artist in residence at MudFire Clayworks in Atlanta, GA and strives to continue her education and growth in ceramics.

Artist Statement
As a ceramic artist, my work focuses on the functional object as an instrument for my exploration of fantasy, nature and play. I am drawn to the balance of order and chaos in nature and strive to replicate that by creating delicate, precise shapes enrobed in cascading, unpredictable glazes. I am influenced by the mythology of elves, dragons and the magic that surrounds us. My work echoes those interests and immerses the viewer in an enchanted, verdant forest. Garnishing the work with budding flora allows me to continue adding individual touches of magic to each form, granting them unique personality.


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